Children have always used their creativity and curiosity to invent unique life stories. Even at such a young age, they make choices of fundamental importance; they are the designers of their worlds. Realising the importance of this, Willy & Nilly came up with a way of stimulating children’s creativity for such a monumental task: they transform your T-shirts (or sweatshirts) into a story! No longer just within the pages of a book, the stories become animated on the fabric, not only breathing life into the child’s imagination, but also making clothes that are uniquely personalised to them.

Our challenge was to create a transmedia bible for the product, explaining the narrative idea, the method by which it works, the motivation behind it, and its cross-platform potential across an international market. We also wrote a number of stories to go alongside the T-shirts.

Client: ​Willy & Nilly
Writers: ​Miriam Dubini, Elena Peduzzi, Martina Sala