P.Baccalario / T.Percivale

Truth once tasted, i t hooks you for ever


In a future megalopolis, the TYPOS, a secret team of young reporters, are on a mission to find out the truth behind the news. Distorted or ignored by the rest of the media, a sinister scheme awaits to be revealed.

An action series centered on the world of news reporting.

Action and adventure, laced with surprise and ingenuity, play out on a knife’s edge.

First Publisher: Fanucci (Italy), 2015
Published in: Italy (Fanucci), France (Flammarion geunesse), Spain (Ediciones B)
Series 2 titles Pubblished: book 1 / book 2


Tommaso is a children’s book writer. He works with the most important publishers in Italy and produces stories ranging from historical to science fiction, adventure to thriller, classics to nonfiction. Freedom, courage and rebellion are favorite themes. His books have been translated into 20 languages.