The Most Wonderfull Story Ever Written


Dive into the pages of your favourite novels


The contents have mysteriously vanished from a new children’s book, while bizarre new characters and objects have appeared in old classics, ruining these beloved stories.

A fascinating, action-packed adventure which celebrates the vital importance of storytelling.

A tribute to the most wonderful stories, those timeless tales that have fired up, the imagination of children for generations. An invitation for readers to play with them and create their own.

Illustrator: Stefano Turconi
First Publisher: la Galera (Spain), 2015, pages: 256
Published in: Spain (la Galera), France (Flammarion jeunesse), Germany (Tiele Verlag), Italy (Giunti), Turkey (Domingo Publishing), Portugal (Editorial Presenca), Greece (Metaixmio).

Edward Berry

Edward Berry is the pen name for Pierdomenico
Baccalario and Eduardo Jáuregui.
Eduardo is one of the world’s leading experts on
the topics of laughter, play and sense of humour.
He is the author of numerous fiction and nonfiction
books published in more than 20 countries.
Pierdomenico books have sold millions of copies
worldwide and have been translated into over 28