The Grand Tour

Conte E.Gazza di Mezzanotte



Three brave and curious children, a mysterious Inn with secret passages and devices, and an incredible treasure up for grabs. The journey of a lifetime awaits them.

A series of astounding time-travel adventures around Italy.

An historical reference to the XVII century, when young European noblemen would undertake a ‘Grand Tour’: a long stay  in Italy to discover its vast heritage of art and history, as well as its mysteries.

First Publisher: Grappolo di Libri (Italy), 2015 Pages 248

Series 6 titles
Published 1.The Midnight’s Villa | 2. The Shaman’s Stone | 3.The Clay Scream | 4.The Time Trap

Count Midnight is said to have a sly smile and a stuffy manner, as befitting a true member of the gentry. The few who have met him praise his keen wit, firmness of purpose and love of travel. There are also rumours, however, that he is prone to long periods of brooding in his library, during which he disappears for days at a time. All accounts agree on one thing about the recluse: he is a strange, strange man. An impenetrable air of mystery and legend surrounds him – a great man with even greater secrets. Nevertheless, Count Midnight is always keen to meet young travellers, who are new and full of promise.