Giuseppe Festa

The adventure of two wolves experiencing freedom for the first time.


Elisa and her friends have no intention of giving up their fight to return their children – two wolf cubs found and raised in captivity – to the woods. They have taught them the law of the pack, and want to give them a chance to run free.

A compelling true story, written like fiction but documented in every detail.

The wonder of nature described in all its harshness, the love and fear that has bound men and wolves for millennia.

First Publisher: Garzanti (Italy), 2018

Pages: 208

Giuseppe Festa

Giuseppe has a degree in Natural Sciences and works in the environmental education field. His great passions in life are writing, music and the outdoors. Founder and singer of the Lingalad folk music group, he has also written a number of nature reports for Italian broadcaster RAI, and starred in the award-winning documentary Oltre la Frontiera. His novels have been widely translated.