Playbrush is a unique gaming device designed to attach to any manual toothbrush and transform it into a controller, with which the child can enter into an interactive game on a mobile phone screen. Designed to make brushing teeth more exciting, fun and accurate, the narrative allows the player(s) to control their hero in battles against the evil Ogre Plaksta and his minions, Crobies. Only with the help of Playbrush does one stand a chance of defending Utoothia against unwelcome visitors.

Our mission was to create a promo IP strategy that would illustrate the idea in a simple, effective and informative way, as well as provide an outline of project development for the investors.

Based on an initial idea by Playbrush to encourage children to brush their teeth, we re-imagined and developed the game. This included inventing a new fantasy world for the game to be based in, creating a host of varied characters with strong back-stories and motivations, and writing an engaging quest-based narrative to give the brusher a strong sense of mission and motivate them to continue brushing and playing the game.

We also helped with the communication strategy for Playbrush, producing a fully-designed transmedia bible for the IP, creating a booklet to introduce brushers to the Playbrush game, and scripting a promotional video for the product.

Client:​ Playbrush
Director:​ Pedro Allevato
Producer:​ Stefano Marrone
Animator:​ Gabriela Araujo
Writers & Imagineers: ​Pierdomenico Baccalario, Francois Holmes