Living with a Dragon is a children’s book brought to life – an animated series about the life of an atypical, yet ‘normal’ family told in a classic fairy-tale style with a comedic twist. It was written with the intention of capitalising on the growing trend of ‘intelligent storytelling’ for the pre-school to upper pre-school market (4-7 year olds).

The series promotes a positive approach, focused on children’s certainty of their parents’ love, on the acceptance of new relatives, and the day-to-day challenges of a blended family and the modern world around them. Living with a Dragon deals, in a reassuring and comprehensible way, with complex issues (divorce, multiculturalism, adoption, sole parenting and more). The series explains the new living arrangements of a blended family and helps parents to start an age-appropriate dialogue about different parenting situations in a playful and un-stressful way.

The short form of the series, with its 7 minute episodes, adapts well to TV, Web, and Mobile, migrating easily from one platform to another.

Creator:​ Pierdomenico Baccalario
Director & Producer:​ Stefano Marrone
Screenwriting:​ Lee Walters
Animation Supervisor:​ Pedro Allevato
Lead Animator & Character Rigger:​ Adriano Vessichelli Storyboard Artist:​ Vincenzo Lamolinara
Illustration & Background Designers:​ Francesca Tabasso, Valentina Lorizzo Character Designer:​ Francesca Tabasso
Project Management & Graphic Design:​ Ginevra Bernabò, Thomas Gutteridge Creative Producer: ​Lucia Vaccarino