At the Charles Darwin primary school, under the guidance of Lord Soporiferus and the new principal, Darth Water, Operation Insipid is underway, on a mission to conquer schools across the planet.
To bravely fight Insipidness and Terminal Boredom, the Fetid Four are here!

Fast and furious stories that poke fun at everyday school situations, canteen food, teachers, PE, things every child will identify with.

Featuring Captain Armpit and his perspiration power, the Legendary FRRP! and his fart-power, Lady Snot and her bogey-power, Belch and his burp-power —these superheroes are never far away, and can often be found under the guise of your best friend or classmate.


1: The Fetid Four fight terminal boredom.

2: The Fetid Four fight the creature of the canteen.

First Publisher: Piemme (Italy), 2018

Pages: 128

D.S Gusting

D.S Gusting was born in Sussex and spent his youth in Oxford, having told his family he’d been accepted to the prestigious Merton College —but actually working at a sandwich bar. Following years of training, Gusting became a leading expert on cheese, and spent his days looking for Le Grand Putride, the worlds’ stinkiest creation. When he found the awful thing, he took one taste and passed out, remaining unconscious for several days. On reawakening, he remembered nothing of his past and decided to start a new life as a children’s writer. Clearly none of this is true. Behind the name are three mysterious Italian authors who wanted to give their readers some laughs with the adventures of the inimitable Fetid Four.