Angélique Cevalier



1633. French Royal Court. There’s a quick-witted girl moving around the halls of the Louvre: it’s Blanche De La Fère, lady-in-waiting to Queen Anne and brave-hearted spy, not to mention able swordswoman at the headquarters of D’Artagnan’s musketeers! Fourteen-year-old Blanche has a rebellious heart and will stop at nothing to protect her queen from court intrigue…

Subterfuges, chases, duels, pursuits across city rooftops…but also grand balls, secret messages and fluttering hearts.

A modern adventure with plenty of thrills, telling of a courageous young girl who fights with both head and heart, and picks roses as lightly as she handles a sword.

Title 1: A spy for the Queen

First Publisher: Piemme (Italy), 2018

Pages: 176

Angélique Cevalier

Very few traces remain of Di Angélique Chevalier’s life. History books cite three Angélique Chevaliers who, at different times between the late1600s and the late 1800s, printed a variety of short publications in Reims, Champagne region, just outside Paris. It was believed, as is often the case in traditional families, that the name Angélique had been passed down through the generations or was, more simply, a nom de plume, one of those made-up epithets used by people you’d least expect, especially in France (like King Louis VIII who used one to write in the Gazette). This led to the suspicion that at least one of the three Angéliques may have been a lady in the court of the French king, an aspiring swordswoman, a lady-in-waiting, the personal spy of queen Anne of Austria and also of cardinal Richelieu. All excellent reasons, we think, for hiding one’s identity.