A Hundred Steps to Freedom

Giuseppe Festa

The breath of the mountain, the courage to spread your wings.


Lucio has always experienced the mountains with his eyes shut, and he sees things no one else notices. It is in the mountains that the path of Lucio, who lost his sight as a young child, crosses that of a baby eagle stolen by poachers. Everything seems lost, but the mountain hides many clues which could reveal the truth to someone who knows how to listen for them – someone like Luca.

A story about diversity and also the knowledge and courage to accept it.

A journey into the natural world and a chance to pick up on the many messages that often remain undiscovered. A story to be read with all five senses.

First Publisher: Salani (Italy), 2018

Published in: Spain (Duomo Ediciones)

Pages: 144

Giuseppe Festa

Giuseppe has a degree in Natural Sciences and works in the environmental education field. His great passions in life are writing, music and the outdoors. Founder and singer of the Lingalad folk music group, he has also written a number of nature reports for Italian broadcaster RAI, and starred in the award-winning documentary Oltre la Frontiera. His novels have been widely translated.