About us

Book on a Tree is a storytelling agency that creates and sells children’s and YA books to leading publishers around the world.

As well as inventing and writing stories, Book on a Tree offers 360-degree editorial services: translation, ghostwriting, scriptwriting and editing for TV series and videogames, workshops and creative events, and copywriting.

The agency was founded in 2014 by Pierdomenico Baccalario, one of the world’s most celebrated childrens’ authors whose bestsellers have been translated into over 20 languages. What began as a tiny seed has now grown, slowly but surely, not just in terms of numbers, but also of experience and knowhow.

After four years, Book on a Tree now represents around 30 authors and 50 illustrators. It has 6 partners, 9 employees, 5 international agents and over 100 collaborators.

Stories provide the magic that powers our treehouse workshop. From this secret base, we craft a highly diverse range of projects, from novels to illustrated books, from non-fiction to school texts.

Every story has an author. But the author is never on his own. This is the philosophy we believe in, which is why our creative process is based on collaborative circles that bring together diverse talents and offer each member the abilities of all, breathing life into unique projects we manage and curate with boundless passion.

We work with the following publishers, among many others: in Italy, Disney Italy, Salani, Mondadori, il Castoro and Einaudi Ragazzi; In Spain, Grupo Planeta and La Galera. In France, Flammarion and l’école des loisirs. In the US, Disney Publishing Worldwide.

Our Team

Inner circle

Authors, writers, creatives, inventors of worlds

Christian Antonini | Andrea Canobbio | Alessandro Gatti
Christian Hill | Eduardo Jauregui | Daniele Nicastro
 Jacopo Olivieri | Tommaso Percivale | Sarah Rossi | Guido Sgardoli